Martin Debaere Top 5

Martin Debaere è una delle figure più promettenti del clubbing francese.
Un dj ossessivo, costantemente alla ricerca di sonorità acid house, bleep techno, electro e breaks.
Grazie al suo talento ha ottenuto rapidamente un posto come resident a Le Malibv di Parigi e ritrovandosi spesso alla guida del “wood floor” presso il CONCRETE.
Introdotto dalla sopraffina eleganza musicale di N.e.m.a., Martin vola per la prima volta in Italia venerdì 24 Novembre per il nostro Mint Sound Escape vol.IX | Freakout Club
Bolo-made live analogici in avvio:
PRESENTE (Alivelab) e Jacopo Bacci (fratto9).

Top 5 Martin Debaere x Mint Sound Escape IX

DHS – Venus The Morning Star

This one is a feast of breaks and congas with a mad bass line and a vintage sci-fi atmosphere by Benjamin Stokes aka DHS. This record was a cornerstone in the evolution of my tastes and my discovery of underground techno.


Hi-Ryze – Progress

I had to upload this one myself! Dave Campbell is my favorite producer. Hearing all his early releases as Hi-Ryze, Ubik, Timenet or Autonation is what made me take the step to production. Dave’s bleepy – acid – spooky – sexy – dark but playful – cerebral – floor killer techno marked me and inspired me like no other dance music did.


Shiver – Nightshift

This is one of my favorite acid tracks, made by Erik Van Den Broek as Shiver. It is so mysterious, sensual, hypnotic and wild, it really gets into your brain and progressively burns the dance floor.


Planet Love – Experience

Marco Repetto is another important influence for me and i’m far from being the only one… He is able to do the classiest toolish hypnotic techno as well as this epic mind fuck i barely have words for. It just makes me want to blend all the atoms of my body in the cosmos.


Dancer – The 7 Signs

If the 4 other tracks are underground classics, this one might be a bit more personal. Sidney Winters aka Dancer made this intense spooky acid house you’d like to play for a Halloween party. I don’t have much to say about him but i love this track for its vibe, a mix of horror, humour, sex, and mystery.